About Laurence

Laurence Pusey Studied at Southampton and Leicester Colleges of Art specialising in painting, book illustration with print making. He taught art and craft at a boys' school in Reading before turning semi-professional.

His inspiration has always been drawn from nature and most frequently using oil as a painting medium. Linseed oil gives the paint a rich lustre and often Laurence's work relishes this intensity of colour. His work shows a strong sense of composition linked with bold colour combinations in landscape. Nature and landscape have always been the inspiration and starting point for his work and paintings are often drenched in light coming frequently from the back of the picture.

Laurence studied under the classical disciplines of observation and draughtsmanship, his tutors tracing their studies back to the Slade School of Art. This shows through in Laurence's life drawings and sketches

We are familiar with the idea of artists using colour to express their emotions, but Laurence has most recently drawn inspiration from the Fauve School of artists who try to use colour to affect the emotions of the viewer. Hence the use of bold blocks of rich colour whilst still using landscape as the starting point and basic structure.

In recent years, Laurence has also been a chaplain at Leeds Metropolitan University.